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Sunny Stevens has over 40 years of horse and rider training experience.

Sunny Stevens, owner and trainer of Stevehaven Stables, has over 40 year of success educating hunters, jumpers and equitation riders.





Boarding Rates




Horse Supervision Fee

$50 /month

Payable to Stevehaven Stables



Payable in advance for 4 lessons




If not paid in advance



Lessons after the first four taken each month.



Lessons for all others


$60 minimum

Lessons taught off-site depending on driving distance.



Depending on Sunny's involvement






Horse Care

$150/body clip




$20+/mane pull




$20/shipping wrap rental




$75 minimum


Horse Show Fees




Day Care - Basic Fee


Includes feeding, watering,
stall cleaning, rider clean-up at ring.
Light grooming and hand walking
on days owner not present.
Additional service are availalble
for additional fees.

Set-up Fee


Minimum, plus the cost of non-resusable materials


Tack, grooming, equipment stalls and motel fees are pro-rated among all clients.